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Whew. A day off finally and I fully plan on sitting on my arse doing, NOTHING all day. It's gonna be awesome livejournal, I promise ya that. I'm not going to push myself into trying to write today because I've had a week of complicated work (whod've though retail is complicated?), my brain is fried. Mrph. More on that later though. For now it's marathoning "The Blacklist" :)

Stupid Work

I love my job don't get me wrong but damn am I sore and tired as hell. Saw Guardians the Galaxy, I need to see that movie like a million more times. The way Gamora moved and fought? That's how *I* wish I could fight. Also Lee Pace is hot as hell, he chews ALL the scenery as Ronan the accuser. Sweet jeebus.

That's all for now, I'm about to go crash into a planet and nap.

My friend insisted I look up this game to see what the hype was about. I kind of wish I didn't now, ANAMATRONICS MAN :|! NO.

Writing Things!

It's weird as hell when your characters and world suddenly evolve as you type. Like "OH you didn't know this? I thought I'd told you."

Weird but awesome!

Self Indulgent Romance is Necessary.

It's been SO LONG since I've been here I've forgotten how to write in a journal that isn't absolutely private (Whaddya mean people don't want to hear about my bowel movements. What!?!). I will amend this soon. If I sound like I'm whinging I apologize.

Work Stuffs
Ugh, what a day. I really don't mind helping in other departments, but when I'm told by the store's manager, the MANAGER, to do something damn it I'm going to get it done. Period. Deal with it. That does not mean you can pull me to be a basic associate for someone else because tasks can't be properly dictated. Also I could barely keep myself awake today. I blame the muggy weather.

Health Stuffs
In attempt to generally be healthier AND loose weight I've been forcing myself (even when I don't want too) to eat healthier. Choosing fruit or almonds or vegetables to snack on. Avoiding soda and the like and while it's getting easier I need to find a way to beat my biggest enemy, POTATO CHIPS/CRISPS. I don't think you guys understand the struggle I have on a daily basis to not mow down on 15 different kinds of potato chips. But the longer I go at it the easier it gets. I've trained my body sufficiently now that if I choose something so sugary/salty/preservative laden to eat I actually get physically ill. My stomach grumbles and I get nauseous and let's not even talk about the other ends issues. I've decided this is both good AND bad, it's GOOD because hey-keep this up and I will reach the point where it's automatic! Bad because I'm still struggling with that automatic issue so I see people who have potato chips and candy bars and soda and I think "You rat bastard.  Save every sip/bite/swallow of that soda/bag of chips/candy bar."

This leads me to mention that, it's one thing I love about living in Portland. Healthy options are everywhere and aren't super expensive here like they were in New York. It's good to live in a city full of dirty, tree hugging hippies. But while I was fairly healthy before I realize the older I get (I am 31) I really should take care of my body, barring afterlife-reincarnation beliefs aside-right now this is the only body I have and if I ever (hopefully maybe someday) want to have kids I need to take care of myself, not just for myself but for any plans I have. I want to stay as healthy as I can for as long as I can. I want to be that old woman whose out pacing people four times younger than her. It'd be cool. :)

Creative Stuffs
So, I was out of the writing game for a long time. Back into the cycle of wanting to write and not getting anything done and spending more time looking at pictures rather than writing. However somewhere in that (about a year and a half long period) I found that the only dreams of writing I'm going to ever achieve need to be actually....written to come true and there really IS no excuse. It means dragging through the scenes you don't like, it means plodding through endless back stories of characters you don't like to get to that good scene you do.  It means basically work and I aim to do that. So that means corny shapshifting romance is a head. I probably won't try to go seriously far with this one, it's just for my own entertainment :).

So that's about it for me today, how are y'all?


So listen, yes I'm still alive. Yes it's been forever since I've been here. Let me give the basic run down.

1.) Moved into my own apartment with my best friend (yay!)
2.) Been promoted at work now managing an entire department all by my lonesomewoesome (yay, Pharmacy, I'M A DRUG DEALER).
3.) I'm back on the writing game better then ever. Man have I missed it and this. :D

welp, it's me.

Still alive here.

Real world gets in the way of internerds and I forget for a few months I even HAVE a livejournal, except to stalk friends of mine who post interesting things.

Trying to save money to move out of the place I'm at with my current roommates, whom I love like family--but are trying to start a family of their own and plan on starting in December, which is conducive towards me getting my own place (or a place with a friend). It's time I did this I believe.

Nothing else to report. My life is work, internet, library.

I'll update more eventually. Ciao.


*taps Mic*

This thing on?

Yeup I'm still alive, still living in Portland. About to move to a new place though, INFINITELY cheaper.

Not going to that school, their accelerated program meant that I wouldn't get to really support myself on my own like I wish. So I withdrew. Happily I might add.

Nothing on the love life front but there you go lol.

How y'all doing?

[School Life Babble] Good News Everyone!

I had a meeting today with a local career based college to become a Pharmacy Technician, this is after much struggle today to even GET there (I was an hour late, THANK YOU CONSTRUCTION! also, bad directions from google maps, should have listened to my instincts and gone the other way), I was very impressed with what I saw and I think I'm going to go for it!

Will write more, when more develops! <3

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Damn you LJ

I've stuck through live journal through thick and thin and with this new friends list layout that makes my page as far as I'm concerned, UNReadable, I'm going to be out. Consider this my new home away from home.

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